Custom Cabinetry and Furniture

How custom are we?  You tell us what you're looking to achieve and we will make it happen.  Size, shape, color, routings, etc.  make absolutely no difference.  We will make anything you desire.  From Formica Laminates, to Plywood Veneers, Solid Wood, Exotic Woods, Custom Sheet Good Metals and more!

Refinishing and Restoration

Have a an antique table, chair, dresser, among other items, in need of either a touch up and re coat or a complete strip and refinish, we will thoroughly walk you through our processes of what sets us apart from the competition.  Allow us the opportunity to show you why Creative Custom Interiors is a firm you can rely on and trust to bring your most cherished pieces back to life.

On Site Touch Up and Repair and Refreshing



Do you have some unsightly nicks, scratches, gouges, dings, dents and other damage that you've been putting off on having touched up and or repaired, let us provide you an estimate to utilize our Touch Up and Repair services, instead of having to replace it.

Our Refreshing services include the following, but not limited to:

Basic touch up and refreshing of any type of woodwork.

Strip and completely refinish- Any fronts, in which are unable to qualify for a refreshing, we will bring them back to the shop and restore them back to a "like new" condition.

Touch up and re coat- Bring all of the fronts back to our shop, chemically clean them, utilize our professional touch up methods, apply two coats of a pre-catalyzed sealer and three coats of a pre-catalyzed lacquer top coat.  Our pre-catalyzed lacquers tend to be stronger and more durable than any finish applied on a "box store" type cabinetry.  We will use our on site professional touch up methods to touch up the boxes, sides, toe kicks and shoe moldings.

Complete Restoration- Same as a touch up and re coat, except we will tape off your entire kitchen, or area, put down 1/8" hardboard on your floors, tape off walls and openings, then spray your cabinetry on site.  Any of  the above options will save you thousands from replacement!

Complete front replacement-  Depending on your situation, you always have the option for us to replace all of your fronts and custom color match them to the boxes.

Hinge and drawer slide replacement-  If your hinges are worn and are not allowing your doors to close, or if you have broken slides or they aren't working properly, we can fix or replace them.