Michael Minch started in woodworking back in his High School years. While in High School, he applied for and received three scholarships to attend an out-of-state custom cabinet and furniture making school in Boynton Beach, Florida.  While and after receiving his education, he also earned an education in doing touch up and repair.  His teacher, Bob Nutter's philosophy was, "There will always be a chance a part or piece will end up being damaged in some way and you need to learn how to repair it,  verses replacement".

So during his schooling, in addition to becoming a professional custom cabinetmaker/furniture builder, he learned how to repair items, including but not limited to the following:






Flooring Repairs and more!

Coupled with this, Michael also received an extensive amount of training in the refinishing end of woodworking too.  Michael believes this has allowed him to work on the older, more delicate and cherished pieces, including those in which are sentimental.

Michael attributes his 23 years of woodworking excellence to working diligently and meticulously on customer's furniture, along with his several years of home improvement experience.

Michael has a lot more experience in the home improvement end than most tradesmen.  Michael can work with you and or designer to come up with a perfect design or redesign, tailored to leave you with nothing less than everything you dreamed of.  Michael knows the ins- and-outs of many different trades and is able to offer you suggestions and tradesmen, who are RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE and most importantly, TRUSTWORTHY!

From the start of any project, Michael puts on shoe covers, lays out clean blankets and or tarps, tapes of doorways with plastic, where applicable, to help control the dust and many other practices to ensure he not only leaves your home clean every day, but is also SAFE!  When Michael is done with your project, you will never know he was there, other than leaving you with beautiful pieces of furniture, custom made, refinished or just a simple touch up and repair.